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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV Owners and Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Recreational vehicle insurance is insurance for people who own recreational vehicles, also known as RVs. Instead of being covered by regular auto insurance, you will need recreational vehicle insurance for these vehicles.

Does Your Vehicle Classify?

There are several kinds of recreational vehicles. They include everything from vacation campers to vans to luxurious mobile residences. The coverage you can get usually depends upon the size, age and intended usage of the vehicle. Your insurer might categorize a recreational vehicle by its length. So an extended 70-foot recreational vehicle or motor coach will receive a different classification than a recreational vehicle with a camper extending over the cab, or a smaller camper vehicle.

Most of these policies offer basic auto insurance coverage. You should have at least some or all of the following: liability, collision coverage, towing and roadside assistance, and comprehensive auto coverage.

You might spend a significant amount of time in your RV. Some drivers live in their RVs for long periods of time. If that applies to you, then you may seek additional specialized coverage resembling homeowners insurance. This can help cover your personal belongings inside the RV. Your policy might cover accessories, towing expenses, and total loss replacement coverage. Although this option is usually limited to recent model recreational vehicles used as primary full-time residences.


Not all insurance companies offer RV insurance. You might have to look around before you find a provider. In any case, if you drive an RV, then having coverage is worth the effort.